About Us

Physical stores in streets and malls need online presence, social media e-commerce pages need to be organized and structured, data needs to be aggregated, services’ packages need online presence and smoother reach, youths need a window to express their ability to trade and generate money in a professional manner; those are the reasons we built Martix for; its not just an application but a present & future.

Our vision is to enrich happiness for all parties; sellers obtain wider reach, more empowerment and more sales at less cost, consumers secure the wide range of choices in hand, service providers wrap up their services in packages and present them to customers, entrepreneurs start their small trading projects easily at minimum cost, and all parties obtain the needed insights to make proper decisions; it’s a complete ecosystem that we leverage latest technology to build, we furnish all of this for the success of all parties.


-Get a unique view of sellers in country in hand.

-Obtain wide range of products and be empowered more to make purchase decision more convenient.

-Explore service providers in country easily, then fulfill a need faster and smoother.

-Explore markets of other countries.

-Enjoy the exclusive offers of Martix Merchants.


-Start online presence in a very structured and professional manner within a marketplace view.

-Obtain needed insights to make proper decisions for your business.

-Maximize your footprint and uplift your sales traffic at less cost.

-Enable people in your country and other countries to explore your products and services.

-Leverage wisely this tool “Martix” to expand your business and grow more.

-Get empowered through Martix empowerment program