Frequently Asked Questions

What is martix?

Martix is a marketplace that aggregates local market in one place;one Mobile App that hosts the whole market;  you can easily explore local shops, place orders, and get things delivered to your door.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, you can place the order, and pay in cash upon receiving the items.

How long does delivery take?

Depends on the store, but overall average of 48 hours, some stores deliver at less duration like the Supermarket as it delivers within few hours.

How to reach you incase something wrong happens?

In contact us page, there is a phone number and feedback form, use any of them, and we’ll help.

What is your return policy?

It depends on the store, each store has its own policy, however, incase of defects in received items, contact us in the same day and we will help.

What about warranty on items?

Each store got his own warranty terms, however, all electronics have warranty as they all being sold by formal dealers on martix; when you buy for example from LG store, you are buying from the formal dealer in the Kingdom, hence you receive the proper warranty , the same applies for the rest of the companies in martix.

Do you have official contracts with stores?

Yes, we have a formal agreement with each store in martix to protect consumer’s rights and assure the best quality for martix users.

What about after sales service?

You can have that through the company/store you bought item from; for example if you bought a Kettle from TCL, then the warrantee service comes from North Axis Company who’s the formal dealer, you can reach them anytime for after sale service; if things didn’t work out, you can reach us and we will also help.

Do you have customer Service Phone Number?

Yes, in Jordan +962796540508

Are you adding more stores?

Yes, everyday we sign new agreements with new stores, however, our target is quality not quantity.

If I’m a retailer, can I start my store in martix?

Sure, you can connect with us and on [email protected] and we will contact you.